Tutoring Services

Tutoring Packages:

Academic Diagnostic 

Using a variety of scientifically backed measures, the diagnostician will assess the student's deficit area(s). The area(s) needed for student growth will be reported in laymen's terms to the student's guardian(s). 

Academic Diagnostic & Individualized Home Resources

After assessing the student, the diagnostician will provide the guardian(s) with resources and directions for targeting the student's deficit(s) at home. 

Academic Diagnostic, Tutoring, & Home Resources

The diagnostician will assess the student's deficit area(s). We will make an individualized tutoring plan with accompanying schedule that works for your family. The diagnostician will also provide you with individualized resources for your student to work on at home.

Literacy Diagnostics:

*These are the typical literacy diagnostics given to students who are struggling to read on grade level. These tests are used to pinpoint the specific skill(s) your student is missing in order to be a proficient reader. 

Mathematics Diagnostics:

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