About Us

Who we are:

Hello! My name is Morgan Boyles. I am the owner, diagnostician, and advocate for Neurodivergent Student Services. I have been an educator for nearly a decade, and I hold a Masters in special education. During these ten years, I have taught in four different states, five different school districts, and thousands of children. I believe all students should have access to an equal and quality education no matter the obstacle they may be faced with. 

What we do:

At Neurodivergent Student Services, we provide support services to ensure students' success in the classroom and beyond. For students we offer individualized tutoring services. For guardian(s) we offer special education advocate support. 

Where are we Located?

Currently, Neurodivergent Student Services is physically based in Alabama; however, we accept advocacy and tutoring cases from all 50 states. It is important to note that each state has different special education law(s) and regulation(s).

Although tutoring is more challenging virtually, teaching through COVID-19,  has prepared us to adapt our research-based approaches to an online format. 


Note: There is no nationally recognized or independently accredited program for special education advocacy.